As a high school health teacher for over 10 years, an ACSM certified Personal Trainer for 20+years as well as ACSM certified Wellness Coach and Certified Advanced Nutrition Specialist from the Health Sciences Academy, I am passionate about all aspects of health & nutrition.


Understanding what is behind ones inability to achieve their desired fitness goals is what I love to help uncover. Once this is accomplished I have seen amazing and lasting changes in those who I have worked with.


I invite you to browse my website to see how I can help coach you or someone you know,







to achieve your own balanced life by incorporating proper nutrition, an individually appropriate level of fitness, and stress reduction methods. Achieving a comfortable balance will improve the quality of life for you and those around you.


Together We Reach The Goal!

~ Monica Lynne




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With expertise in Wellness Coaching, Corporate Workshops, Personal Training and Nutrition Consulting, Balancing Life, LLC can meet all of your needs to achieve your optimal level of wellness. We can tailor a presentation or one on one session to meet your needs and get you to where you want to be and make it stick for life. No fads. No quick fixes. Just simple life style changes that will move you forward and upward for life. 

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