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I am grateful for all the amazing clients I have the opportunity to work with who contribute to the balance in my life. Thank you for your trust and support!

                                                                                                      ~Monica Lynne

Training/Coaching/Nutrition Testimonials

"Hi this is Rick Rizzs and I'm the radio play-by-play voice of the Seattle Mariners.  Over the past few years I have neglected to take better care of myself and always used the excuse of..."well I travel all the time, eat late at night, and just didn't do a good job of eating the right foods and getting the necessary exercise.  But, that's all they were...excuses.  Well, my whole life changed when I finally decided to have Monica Lynne become my trainer.  I realized it took some time for my 5'7" frame to balloon to 180 pounds and I knew it would take some time and some hard work to get down to a healthier weight for my size.  That's when Monica showed up on Oct. 9th, 2015 and set me on my path to a better, healthier and happier life!


With that first training session, Monica showed me a great starting exercise routine on my treadmill (which I used as a clothes hanger for a year) along with a pair of 15 lb. weights....and I was literally off and running...err walking!  It was a workout routine that I could handle at that time and now over 3 months later I'm doing over 3 times the original routine I started with and the results have been amazing!  When I started on Oct. 9th, I weighed in at 180 pounds and now I'm down to 164!  And my belly is no where it used to be!


Monica also showed me some outstanding recipe ideas with great salads and baking salmon and chicken instead of frying.  And, also making me aware of labels on different kinds of foods so I could make better choices, and I have.


I recently had a physical and my blood tests came out great!  My cholesterol level went from 230 down to 182 and all my other cholesterol numbers have changed drastically, well within the normal ranges. I couldn't be happier and it's all because of Monica.


Monica Lynne changed my thinking and with that she changed my body, inside and out.  I'm 62 years old and I honestly feel 30 years younger.  With Monica's caring, compassionate and professional approach,

she has changed my life forever.  If you want to change your life and the way you look and feel, I would highly recommend Monica and I know she'll do the same for you, IF you are willing to listen and put in the work.  It'll take some time, but it is so worth it to look and feel so much better than you did before.


Monica, I love you and I can't thank you enough."


Rick Rizzs, Seattle Mariners  


“With Monica's guidance I was able to achieve the fitness goals that I had always hoped to achieve. This was accomplished by following her expertise in nutrition and customized fitness programs. The addition of Wellness Coaching has helped to increase my confidence in managing my fitness, job, kids and personal relationships. She is the reason I truly have a well balanced life. Thank you for all your have done to help me and am certain that you will have a long-lasting impact on many people's lives.





“Monica is as authentic as it comes.  Her style of understanding you as an individual person and targeting your whole being is refreshing.  Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle!"


Bridget - Senior Sales Consultant

"I was at a crossroad when I decided to hire Monica. At 45 I was faced with a slower metabolism, slow weight gain, and year-over-year bleaker outlook regarding my weight, health and let’s face it – self-image.  Regardless of the fact that I exercised and ate right I was not the picture of consistency…my weekends were a total mess!  I had (have) a love affair with food & drink especially on the weekends and as a result I would gain sometimes up to 5 lbs from Friday to Sunday!  I’d wake up Monday feeling like a huge fatty and spend the next 4-5 days trying to get it off…but then Friday would always come again - damn!
My cycle of holiday-style weekend excess followed by guilt ridden/food deprived weekdays was emotionally & physically draining.


I decided that I needed to find some peace of mind by either breaking this cycle and dropping the weight for good or finding a way to come to terms with my slow decline into middle-aged pudge.  I hired Monica to help with the former.  I’ll spare you the details but I’m certain I wasn’t her easiest case…did I mention I love to eat and drink?  I can only tell you that Monica gets it!  She is the real deal and one of the most authentic people I’ve ever met. She is an amazing nutritionist & trainer and I’ve been involved with many since high-school & college athletic programs.  Throughout our time together, I remained confident in her ability to understand and advise on the issues we worked through. Monica is the reason I do not have a problem anymore!  I dropped the weight and got off that depressing cycle. My weekends are still fun and satisfying and my week-days are not so grueling and food deprived.

If you are hesitating – don’t.  She will help you if you decide you want it!"



"I have only one regret in deciding to train with Monica - that I didn't do it sooner.  After years of wishing I'd magically feel better and look stronger through periodic pushups and slight reductions in potato chip consumption, I decided to get serious and hired Monica for a series of training sessions.  We started with an open conversation about what I wanted to achieve and then she set about designing custom workouts to get me there.  I'm not going to lie - I thought I was going to die at first.  But I began to feel and see progress fairly quickly and I became hooked. 

Better yet, Monica helped me understand that it's not just about free weights and resistance bands - it's about working toward a balanced life, including increasing fitness and improving nutrition while reducing stress. 

In a little over one year, Monica's influence has helped me feel and look stronger, reduce my waist size by 4 inches and significantly improve my nutrition and stress levels. It's arguably the best investment I have ever made."


David Anders

"I sought out Monica's expertise because I had reached a plateau in my fitness and weight and couldn't seem to break through to the next level. Also, I was disappointed in the results I was getting from my existing diet: Despite lots of exercise and an active lifestyle, I simply wasn't seeing results.  While I had a relatively healthy diet, I didn't have a good overall plan. She helped me pinpoint several areas where small changes could make big improvments, and it worked fantastically.  For me, meeting my goals did not require a huge diet or radical lifestyle change -- it was simply a matter of making some smart, doable adjustments and Monica was able to identify those. Aside from an eating plan, I also worked with Monica on some workout routines, again pinpointing areas that needed improment. Same great results.  Monica has a great mix of passion and expertise and was greatly motivating to me.  I highly recommend her!"


Tim T.

Dear Monica


      Thank you!

      Thank you for the excellent training.

      Thank you for the encouragement.

      Thank you for saving my life.


Affectionately, Pete Fahey

When I started the WELLNESS program I weighed in at 149 and that was about where I had been for the last 2 years (154-149).

Monica Lynne had mentioned almost 2 months in after I had been fluctuating at 142-145 some of her goals for me. Knowing my dedication to this program, she 1st said that she would like to see me get down into the high 130's then goal myself for 135, I thought, "Wow, I never, ever imagined that for myself, but WHY NOT?"  Needless to say, when I weighed myself on the very last day of the 3rd month the scale looked back up at me with a 139!  I was very excited and proud.  I attribute it all to this program and the tools she provided and I used religiously. 

I lost 10lbs, 9.2% body fat, 2 dress sizes and 5.75 total inches!

THANK YOU Monica for your support and making it such a great experience! Her hard work, dedication and passion for this program and what she does for a living is more than apparent and she is a prime example of someone who clearly loves what she does!   


Erika Laureano

Jewelry Designer

Corporate Workshop Testimonials

Monica Lynne’s strength is that she inspires people to get real with themselves and live a life that is intentional in choice, motivating and fulfilling! Monica presented to our team the concepts of intentional eating and making smart meal choices. Since she presented, almost a year later, I am constantly reminded by others about what they learned and the life style changes they have made.


We have hired Monica to come back and do two follow up presentations to help reinforce what our team heard the first time and to continue to increase positive healthy habit and lifestyle choices we hope they will continue to make. We feel the investment in our people in this manner has a real long-term positive ROI.


Her presentation style is engaging as well as motivating but most importantly impactful. Monica applies practical experience opportunities affording people the chance to create their own meal that is both nutritional and enjoyable but simple. Her message is real and applicable to each individual present. 

Janice Evans - Director of Human Resources 

Technical Glass Products - Snoqualmie

Monica was brought in to our office to help agents understand a better way of navigating their day in a healthier way from the standpoint of nutrition. As agents, we often find our schedules dictated by what comes at us at any given moment so eating and health in general is usually the first thing to be tossed aside in order to meet a client’s needs.


With Monica’s expert knowledge of nutrition she was able to open agents eyes to the possibilities of starting the day and maintaining a healthy approach to the rest of the day without compromising their own personal wellbeing, thus ensuring the highest level of energy to meet their clients needs.


The surface was definitely only scratched with Monica but even so, I have heard from many who participated about little (and in some cases big) changes that people have made to improve their nutritional habits. Hearing these stories are what really indicates Monica’s true value and worth from a corporate seminar perspective. We look forward to the opportunity to have Monica in again to get even more below the surface as I know it no doubt will lead to improved quality of lives for those fortunate to see her present!


Diego J. Vitelli - Managing Broker

The Cascade Team Real Estate