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Achieve Your Goals for Optimal Health

Wellness Coaching

Nutrition Consulting

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Nutrition is more than half the battle when it comes to weight loss and achieving your optimal wellness. Planning out what you are going to eat daily and having the appropriate portion sizes and balance of nutrients makes all the difference in avoiding unnecessary calorie intake that contributes to weight gain. Let us help you develop the perfect meal plan that works for you and your family to achieve optimal nutritional balance. Incorporate protein into every meal and snack you have. It helps your blood sugar stay more level thus decreasing fat storage, diabetes risk and hunger signals throughout the day. Start the day off with a hearty cereal and skim milk – look for a cereal with at least 5gms of protein and fiber. Add cheese, a handful of nuts, soybeans or an egg to a raw fruit or veggie snack in the mid morning and mid afternoon. Include meat or a source of protein with every lunch and dinner.

WELLNESS COACHING   ~   $100/hour

Mastering nutrition, fitness, stress management,  and developing the confidence to sustain your optimal level of wellness, is a journey of personal growth. Coaching delivers a new growth-promoting relationship designed to help you master your well-being. A professional coach is a partner in defining “Point B,” and co-designing and co-navigating the journey to get there through weekly coaching sessions, typically for three months or longer. Coaches don’t make it easy for us by giving the answers; they facilitate our self-discovery and forward momentum. Baby steps are the key to achieving long term goals. Accepting yourself where you are currently and being ready to make changes that build on the positive things you are already doing is the most important step. From there, figuring out the priorities that will enable you to feel empowered to continue onward to your top 3 goals for your own optimal wellness is essential for achieving balance in your life.

PERSONAL TRAINING   ~   $80/hour


We are all aware that proper nutrition and fitness are essential components to optimal health, however sometimes it is difficult to know just where to start. One-on-one consultations and/or training is the easiest and quickest way to begin a positive improvement in your lifestyle. I will help you make realistic improvements in your daily routine to increase your fitness level, physical health and mental health. Strength training boosts metabolism, fat burning ability, muscle tone, posture, self confidence and immune system. Learning a full body routine you can do even 2 times a week will help you achieve these benefits. Write down dates, times and activities you will do for workouts in your calendar at the beginning of the week so they are as solid as any appointment that you wouldn’t cancel or miss.

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